We provide innovative and sustainable electronics manufacturing solutions to a wide range of markets in the rapidly changing electronics marketplace.

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ALPHA - Automotive Landing page image - future car interior
OEMs specify MacDermid Alpha for critical reliability in the electronics content of the EV and ADAS markets.
High Speed Computing
The widespread deployment of big data, AI, and other intensive applications requires our leading-edge circuitry solutions.
CT Scan Machine
Our technologies are leveraged in the pursuit of ever-increasing technical complexity for medical equipment.
Memory disk
Memory Disk
Our leading zincate and electroless nickel technologies power the memory disk industry for hard disk drives.
CS-T3-Mil Aero
We work with military and aerospace organizations to apply our innovation and product knowledge to build design specification.
Hand touching a smartphone screen
The smartphone is now ubiquitous with modern life, and our manufacturing solutions power today's mobile devices.
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