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The technical challenges of today’s electronics such as miniaturization, increased signal speeds, and advanced resin systems are combined with ever growing reliability requirements. To meet these needs, all processes involved need to run at the highest level of quality. The foundation of all of this starts with primary metallization.

Our broad portfolio of electroless coppers and direct metallization solutions allow fabricators to initiate plating on nearly any board material with excellent circuit uniformity. Our combination of technology and applications experience has enabled us to become known worldwide as an industry leader in primary metallization systems for all types of circuit boards.

Primary Metallization

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  • Direct Metallization

    PCB manufacturers have chosen Shadow®, Blackhole®, Eclipse™, and ENVISION® direct metallization systems over electroless copper for lower cost of ownership and easier-to-maintain equipment.

    • Suite of carbon, graphite, and conductive polymer alternatives to electroless copper
    • Reduced power, water, and chemical consumption results in an eco-friendly process for fabricators and OEMs alike
    • Less-hazardous chemistries and processes that eliminate palladium and formaldehyde
    • Direct copper-to-copper bonding creates fewer metal interfaces
  • Desmear

    The M-Series Desmear process is finely tuned to create the optimal surface for application of electroless copper or direct metallization.

    • Multiple options for hole conditioning for a wide array of board materials
    • High performance permanganate system available in liquid and powder forms
    • Selection of neutralizers including glass etches to maximize performance of subsequent activation
  • Electroless Copper

    MacDermid Alpha’s electroless copper processes have long been market leaders in high-reliability and performance for demanding PCB applications. Our electroless coppers are ideally suited for performance critical to the success of multilayer boards. We offer a wide variety of options for any substrate type and end application to meet your design goals.

    • Excellent first pass yields
    • Wide selection of technologies for various board designs
    • Formulations available for flexible PCB, high aspect ratio boards, and HDI
    • Global applications support
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