Product Launch - New Innovative Solder Paste Enabling Next Generation High Density Assembly Designs

Press Release
News_Alpha OM-372_Product Release_2Sep2021

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions is pleased to launch ALPHA OM-372, an ultra-fine feature, lead-free, no-clean solder paste designed to provide ultra-high electrochemical reliability on fine pitched, low standoff components. 

Developed to respond to the demands of increased miniaturization, ALPHA OM-372 is formulated to deliver low post reflow residue and superior transfer efficiency on fine feature pads as low as 80x130µm (008004). ALPHA OM-372 shows excellent results in advanced SIR, demonstrating excellent electrochemical reliability with no denditric growth on low standoff packages. The solder paste is optimized for fine feature applications requiring Type 5 and Type 6 powders.

The combination of these best-in-class features as well as excellent HiP and NWO performance makes ALPHA OM-372 ideal for a broad range of high board density applications requiring smaller, thinner, and lighter form factor components, such as those found in mobile, wearable, and computer devices.

“ALPHA OM-372 serves a critical need as miniaturization drives complexity of board designs” said Paul Salerno, Global Portfolio Manager for SMT Assembly. “This paste not only meets the most challenging fine-feature printing and reflow conditions, but provides superior electrochemical reliability performance required by these complex assemblies”.

Link here for more information on ALPHA OM-372 Solder Paste.


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