Product Launch - ALPHA® OM-565 HRL3, Next Generation, Low Temperature Solder Paste

Press Release
ALPHA OM-565 HRL3 Solder Paste

(Waterbury, CT USA) – March 10th, 2022 – MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, announces the launch of ALPHA OM-565 HRL3, next generation, high reliability low temperature solder paste formulated for a broad range of assemblies to mitigate warpage induced defects in temperature sensitive chip-scale packages.

ALPHA OM-565 HRL3 solder paste is designed to enable target reflow temperatures of 175 °C with superior wettability to minimize post reflow defects such as Non-Wet-Open (NWO) and Head-in-Pillow (HiP). The HRL3 alloy offers superior thermomechanical and drop shock performance compared to existing low temperature solutions. The ALPHA OM-565 chemistry enhances electrochemical performance over existing low temperature solders, providing excellent compatibility in contact rework applications with ALPHA tested cored wire and rework fluxes. 

“The HRL3 alloy represents MacDermid Alpha’s commitment to providing innovative low temperature alloy solutions to meet next generation electronic assembly needs”, comments Paul Salerno, Global Portfolio Manager, SMT. “ALPHA OM-565 HRL3 enables lower peak reflow temperatures, minimizes common warpage induced defects, and enhances mechanical reliability in assemblies requiring larger, thinner form factor package designs that are becoming common in the latest handheld and computing applications.”

The ALPHA HRL3 alloy is also available in solid solder formats including bar solder and wire for selective and dip soldering processes. 

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