TPCA Taiwan High Tech Forum

Anaheim Convention Center
Anaheim, CA
United States
Harry Yang, General Manager – Taiwan at MacDermid Alpha will chair the TPCA Taiwan High-Forum during the APEX Expo on April 10. The forum will highlight the Taiwan electronics industry with special focus on advanced IC substrates and sustainability.
TPCA Taiwan High Tech Forum

MacDermid Alpha’s Circuitry line of business provides a full portfolio of specialty chemical solutions for the most complex printed circuit board and IC substrate designs. Our specialty electronics technologies solve industry challenges in the manufacturing of HDI, SLP, and IC substrates for today's devices as well as offering sustainable solutions to help our customers meet their ESG goals.

A Full Portfolio to Support the Electronics Manufacturing Industry

Direct Metallization

Direct Metallization technologies are a sustainable alternative to electroless copper, enabling lower water usage, less waste generation, smaller equipment footprints, and palladium-free activation for significant operations savings.

Flyer - Direct Metallization Sustainability Charts
Flyer - Direct Metallization vs Electroless Copper
Flyer - Blackhole®
Flyer - Shadow® Plus

Electrolytic Metallization

Copper via fill solutions specially engineered to fill blind micro vias and through holes as well as plate through hole walls.

Flyer - MacuSpec™ HT-360
Flyer - MacuSpec™ VF-TH 200/300

IC Substrates

Our portfolio of IC substrate chemicals provides solutions for the most technically challenging high-density designs.

Flyer - Systek™ SAP

Final Finishes

Industry leading portfolio of surface preparation and plating processes make us the market choice for organic and metallic final finishes.

Flyer - Sterling®
Flyer - Affinity™ 3.0
Flyer - Affinity™ Flex

Circuit Formation

A wide portfolio of chemical treatments for the copper surfaces that make up the circuitry of printed circuit boards and IC substrates.

Flyer - M-Speed HF