Film-Based Moisture Absorber.

STAYDRY Z20 is a film-based moisture absorber designed for applications requiring low outgassing and high reliability in hermetic packages.


  • Meets MIL STD 883 requirements
  • Extremely low outgassing
  • Easily reworkable material
  • Fast bonding to variety of substrates
Technical Data Sheet

STAYDRY Z20 Getter Technical Data Sheet English

Sales Sheet
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STAYDRY Z20 Getter Sales Sheet English

STAYDRY Z20 film is a unique getter, which employs an active desiccant for water absorption, dispersed in a flexible silicone polymer matrix.

The film has a low outgassing PSA (Pressure Sensitive Film) on one side that allows easier and quicker attach of the getter film to substrates during assembly. The high permeability of the polymer matrix to moisture assures a rapid uptake of the gas in one hour or less.



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