Product launch of ALPHA HRL3 Solder Sphere

Press Release
HRL3 Solder Spheres

(Waterbury, CT USA) – May 12, 2022 – MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, announces the release of ALPHA HRL3 Solder Sphere, a lead-free, high reliability, low temperature alloy for ball mount applications.

ALPHA HRL3 is a lead-free, low temperature, high reliability alloy for use application where low temperature processing is desired. ALPHA HRL3 is available in solder sphere format for ball mount application. The alloy was designed to exhibit improved drop shock and thermal cycling performance versus existing low temperature alloys in the market. The ALPHA HRL3 Solder Spheres offer a wide operating window, cost savings through low temperature materials and heating energy, while reducing warpage.

ALPHA HRL3 Solder Spheres is a high-quality lead-free alloy that is capable of soldering at a temperature lower than standard tin silver copper alloys. ALPHA HRL3 solder alloy is able to demonstrate reliability performance comparable to standard tin silver copper alloys (SAC305). To ensure consistent sphere size, uniformity, and alloy content, ALPHA Solder Spheres are manufactured to the highest quality control standards.

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