New ALPHA HiTech AD13-9910B Ultra-Low Temperature Adhesive

Press Release
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(Waterbury, CT USA) – August 11th, 2022 – MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, announces the launch of ALPHA HiTech AD13-9910B ultra-low temperature adhesive, designed to mitigate defects on very temperature sensitive parts and substrates.

ALPHA HiTech AD13-9910B can be cured at temperatures as low as 60°C enabling excellent adhesion strength and a reduction in the defect rate on temperature sensitive parts. The product is suitable for plastic parts or substrates that are very sensitive to high temperature exposure and exhibits excellent adhesion strength on Stainless Steel (SUS), Nickel, PCBs and Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP).

“ALPHA HiTech AD13-9910B ultra-low temperature adhesive is able to fast cure at very low temperatures, with excellent dispensing performance,” comments Jimmy Shu, Product Manager Adhesives and Encapsulants at MacDermid Alpha. “The product meets market reliability requirements such as adhesion strength in high temperatures and high humidity making it an excellent solution for camera module, optical and other applications that are very sensitive to high temperature exposure.”

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