MacDermid Alpha Launches Next-gen Low-void Solder Paste ALPHA® OM-362

Press Release

ALPHA OM-362, next-generation ultra-low voiding solder paste

This lead-free, zero-halogen, no-clean paste can deliver less than 10% voiding on Bottom Termination Components (BTCs). The design characteristics of BTCs create void removal challenges during the soldering process, which can lead to ineffective thermal dissipation and mechanical strength in post-reflow applications. Low-voiding solder pastes are an important material in improving board level reliability by reducing this effect.   

ALPHA OM-362 complies with the IPC Class III for voiding on BGA components.

Product Flexibility

Designed for use with high-reliability ALPHA® Innolot solder and traditional SAC alloys, ALPHA OM-362 provides unmatched low voiding levels and increases process stability as well as thermal and electrical performance, even in the most demanding component applications.  

BloombergNEF forecasts over 70% technology adoption for automotive safety electronic components by 2028. To deliver vital solder joint reliability in this use case, low-void solder pastes play a critical role. As well as this application, ALPHA OM-362 is recommended for improving board reliability in aerospace, consumer electronics, industrial, and LED lighting components. 

With continuing miniaturization in electronic components for automotive, consumer, and industrial applications, ALPHA OM-362 will deliver on your low-voiding requirements. 

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