MacDermid Alpha Advances Reliability and Performance, showcasing Next Generation Solutions at IPC APEX 2024

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The automotive, communication infrastructure, and consumer electronics components industry require higher processing power for increased reliability To satisfy these requirements, high reliability solder alloys, along with protective and reinforcement polymers the life of electronic components.


Delivering next-generation technologies

To address these rapidly growing reliability demands of complex circuit board assemblies, MacDermid Alpha is excited to introduce new technologies to the market.

Innolot ®MXE, a next-generation high reliability alloy engineered to redefine thermomechanical performance. This new alloy offers unmatched improvements in thermal cycling, electrochemical reliability, vibration, and drop shock performance, extending system life in the harshest of environments.

Electrolube® 2K301P, a two-component conformal coating, is designed to provide optimal protection in harsh operating conditions by offering increased coating thickness, enhanced edge coverage, and excellent flexibility with reduced component stress. While providing robust protection, 2K301P also offers an innovative lightweight solution, achieving durability akin to resins for enhanced overall performance. Notably, 2K301P features a solvent, VOC, and silicone-free formulation, reducing environmental impact while ensuring compatibility with a wide range of materials.

As electronics become increasingly complex and generate more heat, the need to regulate temperatures is critical to extend the system life of components. To that end, MacDermid Alpha is significantly expanding its Thermal Interface Materials product line to address the growing demand. This expansion includes a comprehensive range of thermally conductive gap filling, pads, one-part thermal gels, and thin dielectric sheets, aimed at further advancing our integrated solutions offering. 


Hear from our technical experts

In addition to our product showcases, we extend a warm invitation to attendees to join us and gain valuable insights from our expert presentations.

Your Partner in Sustainability: Jennifer Fijalkowski, Global Sustainability Specialist & Regional Product Manager - Wire & Wave, will delve into the environmental challenges faced by the industry and explore how assembly materials can contribute to sustainability objectives. Join Jennifer’s presentation, "Can Assembly Materials Help You Achieve Your Sustainability Objectives?" on April 9th from 10:00 am -12:00 pm.

Meet Critical Thermo-Mechanical Requirements in Automotive Electronics: Eric Bradley, Application Engineer, will unveil a breakthrough alloy developed to revolutionize reliability in automotive electronics. Don't miss his poster on display, addressing the heightened reliability demands in automotive design on April 9th.

Meet the Challenges of Increased Miniaturization: Dr. Saminda Dharmarathna, Principal Research Scientist at MacDermid Alpha, will address the complexities of miniaturization and increased board complexity. Learn about a novel additive package designed to fill larger vias in his presentation, "Advancing Copper Electroplating Processes," on April 10th, from 10:30 am - 12:00 pm.

Ensure High PCB Fabrication Quality: Michael Orsini, Application Chemist at MacDermid Alpha, will present solutions for fabricators facing new challenges with the introduction of IPC 4556A for ENEPIG finished printed circuit boards. Discover more in his presentation, "Achieving a Successful ENEPIG Finished PCB Under Revision A of IPC 4556," on April 10th, from 3:30 - 5:00 pm.

Join us at booth 3624 for a conversation about how our products and expertise can contribute to improving your electronic manufacturing processes. With our full board-level material technologies, let's work together to integrate solutions that optimize efficiency and simplify your most complex challenges. 

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