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(Waterbury, CT USA) – August 25th, 2022 – MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, has announced a brand-new webinar entitled, "Conformal Coatings - A Green Evolution: From Solvent to Bio-Based." The event is to be hosted live by Saskia Hogan, Global Product Manager for Conformal Coatings at MacDermid Alpha's Electrolube. 

Saskia's webinar is a comprehensive programme covering traditional solvent-based coatings through to the evolution of today's bio-based materials. This unique, one-off webinar will be presented live by Saskia on the 15th September at 10am (EDT)/3pm (BST), via GlobalSpec. Guests can register to join Saskia and learn more about how different conformal coatings perform and their vital role within electronics protection and reliability.

Guests will also gain more knowledge about many different coatings including; solvent-based, two component, solvent free, and bio-based coatings. Additionally, Saskia will explain the exceptional performance offered by Electrolube within some of harshest environments found in the EV and ADAS automotive applications as well as in military and many other industries. 

The conformal coatings webinar delves into the pioneering new bio-based coatings which are derived from renewable sources and provide a real alternative to non-bio-based materials, without any compromise on performance. The greener coating innovations are some of Electrolube's most versatile coatings ever, offering high level performance and marginally higher levels of protection than conventional coatings in the most demanding and harshest of environments.

Global Product Manager, Saskia Hogan, comments, "The webinar is a testimony to Electrolube's 80 years in electro-chemical manufacturing, covering the full scope and extensive range of coating options available to manufacturers to improve the reliability, lifetime and performance of devices in end-use environments, whether they require chemical, salt-mist, corrosion, humidity, corrosive gas, solvent or high temperature resistance. I will be talking about the different coating options for electronics protection and increased reliability as well as 2K coatings and the new bio-based range to help guests understand more about the performance advantages of greener coatings as well as their sustainable benefits."

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