TPCA Show and 18th International Microsystems, Packaging, Assembly and Circuits Technology (IMPACT)

Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center

Trade Show
MacDermid Alpha: Unveiling Integrated Innovations and 5 papers at TPCA Show and IMPACT 2023 taking place October 25-27 at Nangang Exhibition Center Taipei, Hall 1 in Taiwan.

We are excited to showcase our cutting-edge array of integrated solutions designed to support the electronics manufacturing industry at Booth N511 at the TPCA IMPACT Show!

Our featured products include:

   1.   Systek and MacuSpec brands for Electrolytic Metallization
   2.   PackageBond, PackagePrep and PackagePlate for Leadframe Packaging
   3.   Shadow Plus Direct Metallization

These brands and solutions are engineered to meet the requirements for high reliability with increasingly complex circuit boards, as the industry drives towards miniaturization. We will also be showcasing our latest development in surface finishing technology for Integrated Circuit (IC) substrate fabrication, ENTEK PLUS IC, offering incremental improvements over previous generations of Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP) designed for PCB manufacture.  It is ideally suited to the IC substrate manufacturing process, while offering an impressive 24-month shelf life.  

A team of our experts will present five papers discussing a range of solutions and materials designed to meet the demands of critical applications within the automotive, medical, and high-power computing markets.  

As reliability requirements increase, we are committed to meeting and exceeding these requirements with innovative products and processes. We provide solutions for complex package designs used in harsh environments, achieving MSL-1 performance. Additionally, PPR-based acid copper improves via filling, enabling finer lines and spacing while reducing cavity formation in packaging applications like Flip Chip Chip Scale Packaging (FCCSP). 

Prioritizing reliability in IC Substrate designs is also crucial, which is why we conduct extensive testing to ensure high-quality finishes with resistance to de-flux cleaning and extended shelf life. Additionally, we emphasize sustainability by offering direct metallization processes that enhance reliability while reducing water and energy consumption, as well as carbon footprint.

Our advanced solutions cater to emerging technologies like AI, IoT, and their use of flexible circuits. They address specific needs like preventing crack propagation through to the circuit core, eliminating the risk of open circuits while minimizing environmental impact of the surface finishing step. 

The symposium will focus on the theme “IMPACT on the future of HPC, AI, and Metaverse", exploring the latest electronic technologies and fostering collaboration among enterprises and organizations. 

The papers scheduled for presentation are as follows: 

  • MSL – 1 Packaging Technology for Advanced Chip Package, Dr. Eddie Chao, Thursday, October 26, 17:05 Session: S19-5 (Meeting room: R504c, 5F)
  • OSP and Cleaning Chemistry Interaction – Not All Things Are Created Equal, Dr. Frank Xu, Friday 27, 11:15 Session: S24-3 (Meeting room R503, 5F) 
  • Sustainable, Green Technology: Direct Metallization as an Eco-Friendly Alternative to the Electroless Copper Processes, Albert Tseng, Friday 27, 11:20 Session: Low Carbon Technology (Meeting room 403 Hall 1) 
  • Filling of Laser Drilled X-vias with Copper, Henry Pai, Friday 27, 14:00 Session: S28-2 (Meeting room R503, 5F) 
  • A New Flex Electroless Nickel Chemistry for Flex ENIG and ENEPIG Applications, Martin Bunce, Friday 27, 14:15 Session: S28-3 (Meeting room R503, 5F) 

Connect with our experts at booth N511 for additional information about our latest products and technologies!