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Join us as we showcase our best-in-class integrated solutions, featuring solder pastes, alloys, and polymer solutions; delivering superior board-level reliability at SMTA International, booth #1430. Learn from our technology experts as we present two papers on the importance of Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP) coatings and the reliability performance of the latest low temperature solder alloy.
SMTA International 2023
Join Us At SMTA International Conference and Expo

MacDermid Alpha will highlight its integrated solutions at the event including products for connecting, reinforcing, protecting and thermal management for assembly applications. Of particular focus will be high reliability solder pastes and alloys, sinter materials for increased thermal and electrical reliability, underfills for improved drop shock and thermal cycling performance, conformal coatings, encapsulation resins and thermal interface materials designed to enhance heat dissipation.  

MacDermid Alpha will also present two papers at the SMTA International Conference: 

Paper 1: 

Frank Xu, Technology Manager – Final Finishes at MacDermid Alpha, will present ‘Not all Things are Created Equal – OSP and Cleaning Chemistry Interaction’ on Tuesday October 10 at 4.30pm during the Surface Finish Materials: New Developments and Assessments session. 

Frank will discuss the importance of Organic Solderability Preservative (OSP) coatings and the crucial role they play, especially in the packaging area. Choosing a suitable OSP process and compatible cleaning chemistry can be a complex task with multiple variables at play, and not all processes are created equally! The paper aims to shed light on the significance of OSP coatings in safeguarding copper surfaces and improving solderability yield. It explains the interaction between coatings, cleaning agents, and other variables that dictate the effectiveness of OSP and how collaborative testing with knowledgeable suppliers can aid in selecting the appropriate OSP coating, cleaning chemistry and assembly materials for optimal assembly yields. 

Paper 2: 

Anna Lifton, Director – Research & Development for Circuit Board Assembly at MacDermid Alpha, will present ‘Reliability Performance of a Fourth Generation Low Temperature Solder Alloy in Homogeneous and Hybrid Solder Joints – Part 2’ on Wednesday October 11 at 11am during the Reliability Assessment of New Low Temperature Sn-Bi Alloys session. 

The paper will discuss the evolution of low temperature solder alloys and will assess the reliability performance of the latest generation low temperature solder alloy focusing on thermal and mechanical reliability in relation to homogeneous and hybrid (also called heterogeneous) solder joints. Lifton will also compare the reliability performance of previous low temperature alloys and their bulk alloy properties, analysing key features such as tensile strength, low temperature processing, mechanical reliability, thermal cycling and drop shock.  

Visit our technology experts at booth #1430 to learn more about our integrated solutions and technology offering.  

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