SMTA High Reliability Cleaning & Conformal Coating Conference

The Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport

Dallas, Texas
United States
Trade Show
MacDermid Alpha will be exhibiting and presenting a paper at this event focusing on reliability and compatibility testing of conformal coatings.
SMTA High Reliability Cleaning & Conformal Coating Conference
Visit us at the SMTA High Reliability Cleaning & Conformal Coating Conference

The conference will bring together a wealth of industry knowledge, enabling electronics manufacturers to address critical reliability issues.  

Phil Kinner, Global Technology Director, MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, will present, ‘A Brief History of Reliability and Compatibility Testing of Conformal Coatings’ at 12:30pm on August 31. The paper will discuss the evolution of data from various test methodologies and test assemblies used to evaluate both reliability and compatibility of conformal coatings.  

Reliability assessments involve evaluating the ability of conformal coatings to provide long-term protection, maintaining the functionality of the protected assembly operating in harsh conditions. Compatibility assessments focus on the interaction between conformal coatings and other materials used in the manufacturing of an electronic system. There are many practical examples of how data generation has developed current thoughts on best practices for the evaluation of reliability and compatibility. The paper will outline how these best practices can be implemented by users, seeking reduced levels of field failures. 

Our conformal coating technologies are designed to meet international approvals (including European and American military specifications). The range of products include acrylics, silicones, polyurethanes, hybrid chemistries and environmentally friendly options. 

We will also feature our broad portfolio of best-in-class integrated solutions at the event, including solder pastes, wave soldering fluxes, cored wire and polymer solutions. 

The SMTA is a non-profit professional organization for the electronics manufacturing industry. Offering advanced technical knowledge and networking through its conferences, events, training, and published research.