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Launching new technology and delivering great technical insights at IPC APEX EXPO 2024, MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions is here for you. Discover how our innovative range of integrated solutions, is designed to meet the growing demands for enhanced reliability and performance in today’s electronics. The team looks forward to welcoming you to booth #3624.
Visit us at IPC APEX 2024
Visit us at IPC APEX 2024

Delivering new technology and technical insights. Discover the latest product news and technical learnings from our experts.


Product News:


Introducing our new alloy.

A high-reliability alloy engineered for next-generation thermomechanical performance, meeting evolving reliability standards in modern electronic assemblies. Our new alloy has proven to provide significant improvement in thermal cycling, vibration, and drop shock performance compared to existing high-reliability alloy offerings.


Unveiling a high-performance two-component conformal coating.

This latest product offers higher coating thickness and enhanced barrier protection over solvent-based coatings while maintaining a lightweight solution compared to resins.


Expanding our Thermal Interface Materials product line.

We are offering a range of conductive sheets and one-part pre-cured thermal gels, suitable for automated dispensing.


Technical Insights – Come and Hear Our Experts Present:


Your Partner in Sustainability

Thinking beyond just cost and performance when selecting assembly materials. MacDermid Alpha assesses the industry’s challenge of mitigating harm to the environment. Jennifer Fijalkowski, Global Sustainability Specialist & Regional Product Manager - Wire & Wave, will present "Can Assembly Materials Help You Achieve Your Sustainability Objectives?" on April 9th.


Meet the Challenges of Increased Miniaturization

Dr Saminda Dharmarathna, Principal Research Scientist at MacDermid Alpha will discuss how the challenges posed by miniaturization and increased board complexity can be met with a novel additive package to fill larger vias in the paper "Advancing Copper Electroplating Processes", on April 10th.


Ensure High PCB Fabrication Quality

With the introduction of IPC 4556A for ENEPIG finished printed circuit boards, PCB fabricators will face new challenges in delivering the required level of quality in PCB fabrication. MacDermid Alpha’s experts are the first to deliver a solution for fabricators. Find out more in the paper "Achieving a Successful ENEPIG Finished PCB Under Revision A of IPC 4556" presented by Michael Orsini, Application Chemist at MacDermid Alpha, on April 10th.


Meet Critical Thermo-Mechanical Requirements in Automotive Electronics

With the progression of vehicle electrification and autonomous driving technologies, electronic assemblies encounter heightened reliability demands amidst harsh operating conditions, increased power density, and miniaturization, thereby adding complexity to reliability enhancement in automotive design. Don't miss our Application Engineer, Eric Bradley, give a presentation on a breakthrough alloy that we have been developing to revolutionize reliability in automotive electronics.

APEX is the industry’s largest event in North America, featuring a cutting-edge technical conference, offering professional development courses taught and run by industry experts, and what promises to be a world-class trade show.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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