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Trade Show
MacDermid Alpha will showcase its best-in-class integrated solutions including solder pastes, high-reliability alloys, and polymer solutions at the EMS Tag event on September 7, 2023.
EMS Tag 2023
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EMS Tag is one of the most important events in the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry. Managing directors and executives from EMS providers, in-house manufacturers, and their suppliers will meet in Würzburg to discuss the latest trends and innovations.  

We will be promoting a comprehensive portfolio of integrated solutions that provide enhanced reliability, board and component protection, and improved drop shock and thermal cycling performance.

Our portfolio of high-reliability solder pastes, including ALPHA® CVP-390V, are designed for resistance to both thermo-mechanical fatigue and electrochemical migration. These products use a combination of specially designed flux chemistries and solder alloys to deliver long-term reliability under the harshest end-use environments.  

Our range of protection polymers includes underfills that deliver enhanced drop shock and thermal cycling performance, edgebonds that provide optimized reliability and cost of assembly, and adhesives that provide outstanding adhesion strength.

Also featured at the event will be our sustainability initiatives including Reclaim and Recycling Services which help companies meet their environmental and legislative requirements and at the same time, maximize the value of their waste streams.