Don’t miss MacDermid Alpha's presentation at the 9th Auto Sensors & Electronics Summit

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Steve Brown, Senior Director of Automotive Strategic Accounts, will present on the 21st of February at 3:30 p.m. demonstrating how MacDermid Alpha’s solder alloy and polymer reinforcement technology is the optimal choice to achieve hardware reliability.
9th Auto Sensors & Electronics Summit
9th Auto Sensors & Electronics Summit

Automotive sensor technology and vehicle architecture continue to evolve rapidly. The electronics used to sense, compute, and react require higher processing power and faster speeds.  This shift lends itself to a change in architecture and the need for more advanced packages. As vehicle architecture changes, material suppliers need to be ready for mechanical and chemical challenges.  

What can you expect from this presentation: 

  • Learn how materials suppliers develop and prepare for the integration of advanced electronics in automotive systems. 

  • Explore the connection between enhanced materials and improved hardware reliability, underscoring the significance of increased product life. 

  • Discover the MacDermid Alpha tool/methodology (Reliability enhancement tool) which communicates extensive datasets in a digestible and meaningful manner for users, facilitating informed decision-making processes within the automotive industry. 

The 9th Auto Sensors & Electronics Summit will reunite key stakeholders within the automotive industry to discuss trends and developments in autonomous cars in 2024. Join this summit to explore strategies for achieving the next level of sensing in highly automated driving. Learn more about navigating the evolution from ADAS systems to fully autonomous vehicles. Connect with Steve Brown to discuss your automotive projects and better understand how MacDermid Alpha technology can enhance your results. 


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Steve Brown

Steve Brown
Senior Director of Automotive Strategic Accounts