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Technician Stirring Solder Paste in Jar
Solder Paste
Market leading solutions engineered to optimize process flexibility and enhance reliability in complex PCB assemblies. Our offering includes leading lead-free, no-clean, halogen-free solder paste technologies for applications such as fine feature printing, low temperature processing, and many others.
Image of board with preforms
Solder Preforms
Solder preforms are an enabling technology for electronics packaging to solve difficult assembly and reliability challenges. Used at all levels of electronics packaging ranging from printed circuit board, power modules, semiconductor devices, and electronics component assembly.
Selective Soldering Image
Cored Wire
Flux cored solder wires include no-clean, water-soluble and activated rosin fluxes in a variety of solder alloys. Applications include rework and touch-up soldering for through-hole and surface mount, robotic soldering, drag soldering and laser soldering.
Sinter Materials
Sinter Materials
Advanced sinter and solder solutions addressing a wide variety of challenges for power electronics. Our engineered sinter materials are proven to enable high throughput and reliability while providing flexible and easy-to-use form factors that reduce the capital cost and accelerate time to market.
HiTech Underfills
ALPHA HiTech Underfills are one component, heat curable materials. The materials have been optimized for capillary underfill and reworkability. These epoxy based materials can be dispensed on the edges of the BGA, CSP or Flip Chip devices. This material will subsequently flow to fill the space beneath these components.
image of chip with HiTech Edge bond applied
HiTech Edgebond
ALPHA HiTech Edgebond is a one component, heat curable material. Dispensed on the corners or edges of the component, these materials are designed to optimize reliability and cost of assembly.
Stack of 4 bars of Alpha bar solder
Solid Solders
Our portfolio of wave soldering alloys leads the industry in performance and value.
Assembly - Image of chemical beaker for liquid flux
Liquid Flux
Our soldering flux portfolio provides process solutions for alcohol-based and VOC-free processes. It includes materials optimized for traditional wave and selective soldering applications.
Reclaim and Recycling Program Logo
Recycling Services
We provide electronics assemblers safe, efficient solder recycling services which will help them meet environmental and legislative requirements while maximizing the return on their solder dross, scrap and solder paste waste.
Sliver Inks
Inks for In-Mold Electronics
MacDermid Alpha offers formable conductive Silver and Dielectric Inks that are ideal for In-Mold Electronics (IME) applications and are especially well-suited for end-markets such as Automotive, White Goods, Medical, Aviation & Aerospace, Smart Packaging and the Internet-of-things (IoT).
Printed Inks
Inks for Printed Electronics
The conductive Silver and Dielectric Inks provide unparalleled performance benefits such as high conductivity, crease-resistance, and strong adhesion to a variety of polymer substrates like PET & Polyimide. Key features of these inks include outstanding fine line printing, high abrasion resistance, and a higher spread that results in lower ink consumption.
Heat Sink - thermal interface - electrolube
Thermal Management Materials
Ineffective heat dissipation of components can result in reduced reliability and operational lifetime of the device. Electrolube's all-encompassing thermal management materials effectively disperse heat away from the device. The range includes silicone and non-silicone pastes, gap fillers, encapsulation resins, gap pads and phase change materials.
Image of applying HiTech Adhesive and Camera Module
HiTech Adhesives and Encapsulants
ALPHA HiTech offers low temperature curing, high throughput adhesives for camera module applications. Other product offerings include SMD adhesives, UV adhesives, and encapsulants.
conformal coatings
Conformal Coatings
A selection of thin polymeric films applied to PCB’s to protect from the environment and corrosion. Electrolube’s coatings are some of the best in the world, designed for international approvals including military specifications. The range encompasses acrylics, silicones, polyurethanes, hybrid chemistries and environmentally friendly options.
Electrolube Encapsulant on board
Encapsulation Resins
Electrolube’s resin systems protect and insulate PCBs and components from the harshest environments. The materials are used to either encapsulate individual components, or can be used to pot the entire unit. Chemistries offered include epoxies, polyurethanes and silicones.
AS Stencils
Expertise in design and delivery of high accuracy, optimized stencils for excellent printing performance, supporting European market.
Boards for Cleaning
Electronic Cleaners
Cleaning products specifically developed for electronic assembly manufacturing applications, such as stencil cleaners and PCB cleaning. All major types of cleaning processes represented including: solvent-based, aqueous, and semi-aqueous cleaning.
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