Product Overview

ALPHA BC-2200 Cleaner is an extremely effective defluxer at high and low temperatures, can be diluted as needed, and is considered relatively benign and environmentally friendly.

If extra cleaning efficiency is needed for more challenging cleaning situations, ALPHA BC-2200 may be applied as received without damage to delicate substrates.

It is specially designed for optimum effectiveness on reflowed pastes, no-clean flux, lead-free flux, rosin flux, tacky flux, and uncured adhesives.








Product Features

  • Effective on Lead-Free solder paste
  • No Sump-Side adds
  • Creates brilliant solder joints
  • Low VOC; Long bath life
  • No HAP’s
  • Excellent efficacy at low and high temperature
  • Safe on precious metals; Multi-Metal Safe
  • Removes reflowed flux residues
  • Effective on tacky fluxes; Removes SMT adhesives
  • Non-Flammable; Low Foam
  • Low use cost
Technical Bulletins
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ALPHA BC-2200 Electronic Cleaner Technical Bulletin English

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