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Pellicle Replacement

We offer this service to remove an existing pellicle on a photomask/reticle that is damaged or in any way compromised (handling, environmental trauma, age/deterioration, usage, etc.). The reticle is cleaned and the new required pellicle part added.

The repaired mask is inspected to ensure that the image quality has been maintained and returned to the customer to resume use with minimal loss of valuable production time.

We understand production lines are often down because of a single damaged pellicle, so we prioritize quick turns to minimize critical delays.



  • Same-day cycle time is available
  • All standard mask/reticle & pellicle types are available
  • Recertifications: Confirms the integrity of a mask with pellicle that does not exhibit obvious damage based on age/usage
  • Pellicle removal: Pellicle can be removed, and the plate cleaned without replacement
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