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Customer Support & Portal

Our Customer Support, Engineering, and Commercial Teams are here to support and guide customers through mask definition and planning for their projects, regardless of the size of their operations.

We also understand the importance of providing 24/7 access to robust, easy-to-use online systems to allow you to place orders and check where your orders are in production or transit. Our customers enjoy the ability to access this information in real time no matter which time zone they are in.

Compugraphics also offers secure archiving of customer data to allow reordering of duplicate masks or to place an order for a remake if a mask is damaged in fab. Extended time periods for archiving can be agreed.

Our easy-to-use CUSTOMER PORTAL offers: 

  • Secure online order placement for new projects or design updates 
  • Online support to complete the easy-to-use templates and avoid errors
  • Support for creation of templates for new projects or technologies
  • Remote viewing of data for approval
  • Live Status Reports for orders in production and shipping status
Request For Quote (RFQ) and Order Placement

An RFQ can be placed via our online form or by contacting us direct.


Step 1: Provide information regarding your required mask substrate type and size, min feature size, and CD tolerance, if known. Please submit data for evaluation, if available, as it enables us to generate a more accurate quotation and check for common errors.

Step 2: Please include relevant company details and specify delivery address.

Step 3: Review of request: We will contact you for any clarifications or if we require further information.

Step 4: Your quote will be generated and issued via email.

Step 5: To place the order, please submit your purchase order with quote ref, order form, and data.

Please note the preferred data format is GDSII, however we can accept other agreed-upon data formats.  


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