MEMS - Compugraphics

A Photomask Partner You Can Rely On

Today, certain MEMS-based products are classed as mature applications that deliver products for our everyday life (e.g. integrated multi-sensor modules [9 degrees-of-freedom inertial, gas, pressure, temperature, and flow], actuators [inkjet nozzles, digital mirror displays], communication components [RF filters, oscillators, duplexers] and other transducers [power harvesters]).  We offer:

  • Collaborative Partnering - responsive to your needs and driven to enable your success, from concept to volume production
  • Speed of Product to Market - appreciation that you require flexibility and commitment to achieve
  • 24/7 Support - for standard photomask lithography for reticles & 1X Masters and also DWW (Direct Write Wafers) with front-end & engineering support.
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