Product Launch - STAYDRY® Z20: Moisture Getter Film

Press Release

(Waterbury, CT USA) – January 27, 2020 – MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions announces the release of STAYDRY® Z20 – Moisture Getter for hermetic packages. STAYDRY Z20 is a silicone film moisture getter with a newly developed proprietary backing adhesive that meets rigid outgassing and adhesion testing for aerospace, telecom and medical applications, meeting MIL-STD-883K, Method 5011.6.

STAYDRY Z20 is an extension of the existing STAYDRY product line, which has been providing unique moisture, hydrogen and particle absorber solutions for over twenty years. STAYDRY Z20 employs a space grade silicone polymer, allowing almost instantaneous transmission of water into the active desiccant matrix dispersed within the polymer. The active desiccant allows a high percentage of water to be absorbed and subsequently trapped inside the silicone matrix for increased reliability of hermetic packages.        

The newly developed backing PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) offers customers easier and faster attach within a few seconds, eliminating the need for additional dispense adhesive process, time and equipment common with most materials. This also allows greater design flexibility as the getter does not have to be placed on the inside lid on a hermetic package. The STAYDRY Z20 film adheres to most substrates, including metals, plastic and glass. STAYDRY Z20 is also available in our newly developed “Easy Peel” form for custom preform size applications, supporting operator efficiency in clean room manufacturing environments.

Michael Previti, Global Portfolio Manager for Microelectronics Assembly Materials, noted, “Customers have had early success employing the STAYDRY Z20 into hermetic packages with a wide range of service life temperatures eliminating moisture based failures from below freezing to high temperatures, increasing device life and in-service reliability”. 

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