MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions expands its world-renowned Argomax® sintering technologies

Press Release

MacDermid Alpha, has expanded the Argomax® technology offering. Argomax® 2141 is a new silver sintering product, designed for electric vehicle power inverters. The sintered joint enables the fabrication of smaller, lighter, and reliable power train systems.

MacDermid Alpha’s range of Argomax® silver sintering pastes offer flexibility and ease-of-use while reducing manufacturing cost and time to market. These pastes, applied by low-pressure processing are designed for die, top side, or package attach. Argomax® pastes are available in wet and dry options.

Argomax® 2141 enables the sintering of large packages or components on gold or silver substrates. Utilizing a pure silver bond line, the dispensable silver sintering paste exhibits excellent bond line thickness and adhesion. Argomax® 2141 gives excellent performance on marginal component surfaces. The resulting sintered joint provides high thermal and electrical conductivity. With its firm attachment to the inverter, manufacturers benefit from superior component performance and reliability in extreme temperature ranges.

Ease-of-use and application are key values associated with the Argomax® product line. Argomax® 2141 is the ideal choice for components where a low-pressure application is critical.

Major automotive manufacturers worldwide rely on the superior performance and reliability of Argomax® as part of their electric vehicle inverters. The result: enhanced range, power, and reliability of electric vehicles, coupled with MacDermid Alpha’s unrivaled technical support and customer service.

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