Direct Metallization Webinar - Unlocking a Sustainability Win in Printed Circuit Board Fabrication Using Less Power, Water and Chemicals

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Direct Metallization Webinar - Unlocking a Sustainability Win in PCB Fabrication

Large electronics OEMs are asking their manufacturing partners to help deliver on sustainability goals more each year. Opportunities within the printed circuit board (PCB) supply chain include reductions in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, driven by power, water and chemical consumption.

In this webinar, we uncover examples of what the electronics OEM and supply chain community is focusing on with regards to sustainability. One area of opportunity is the primary metallization step within printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication, and we will explain how an alternative process technology unlocks a sustainability win. PCB designers, process engineers, Design For Manufacturing (DFM) teams and anyone involved in delivering on ESG goals can benefit from this overview.

Direct Metallization (DM) is a sustainable alternative to electroless copper in metallizing non-conductive surfaces. We compare both processes by examining the number of steps needed, water and power usage, chemical consumption rates and more. These advantages contribute to a much lower carbon footprint in terms of CO2 emissions of the process.

Speaker: Mark S. Edwards, Strategic Account Director, MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions 

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