IPC High Reliability Forum

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Direct Metallization has significant advantages over traditional electroless copper processes including increased product consistency and reliability, improved yields, easier process control and sustainability benefits. Join us at the IPC High Reliability Forum to discover how direct metallization can help you meet your reliability and sustainability targets.
IPC High Reliability Forum
Listen to our Paper Presentation at the IPC High Reliability Forum

Kwangsuk Kim (Leslie Kim), Director of Primary Metallization, MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, will present, ‘Direct Metallization for HDI and Microvia Reliability’ on Wednesday October 18, during the 10:30am - 12:30pm session. 

The paper will discuss the advantages of direct metallization over electroless copper which include addressing environmental concerns associated with electroless copper processes and demonstrable, improved reliability.  

The direct metallization (DM) process enables direct bonding between Base Copper and Electroplated Copper, significantly reducing or eliminating interfacial defects that can occur in Electroless Copper processing, such as nano and micro-voids, separation at the target pad, etc. DM promotes epitaxial, copper crystalline growth, which is the strongest bond possible. Its reliability has been demonstrated through various reliability tests. 

Furthermore, DM is highly environmentally friendly compared to the electroless copper process, as DM has fewer process steps, operates at low temperatures, and employs a simple yet reliable working bath composition. As a result, it significantly reduces water usage, power consumption, chemical usage, and wastewater treatment leading to a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions. 

The IPC High Reliability Forum provides a unique opportunity to learn about the latest advancements in electronics, participate in industry discussions, and network with this respected community of professionals focused on electronics with high reliability requirements.