Film Back Injection Molding Symposium - Kunststoff Institut

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Join MacDermid Alpha at the Film Back Injection Molding Symposium to discover the latest automotive smart surface solutions!
Film Back Injection Molding Symposium
We Are Attending The Film Back Injection Molding Symposium - Kunststoff Institut

Heather Nelson, Research and Development Director at MacDermid Alpha, will present ‘Material challenges for next-generation automotive smart surfaces’ on Tuesday, November 21 at 11.15am during the Film Back Injection Molding Symposium hosted by the Kunststoff Institut.  

The paper will discuss how the drive to integrate functionality into decorative surfaces is accelerating the development of new electronic materials. These formable materials enable circuits and components to be assembled onto substrates in new ways that are both material and process efficient. The final smart surface is an integrated structure that also requires high levels of both electrochemical and thermomechanical reliability.  

Our materials solutions include our deep formable XtraForm 3D hardcoated films which offer versatile finishes for cockpit interior design, functionality, and decoration. Further fully compatible XtraForm circuit materials make the development and production of sophisticated In-Mold Electronics (IME) practical. 

Our XMAPP support technology and partner quality program tackles the challenges involved in developing a high-performance part supply chain. XMAPP technology minimizes design iterations, optimizes tooling, supports Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), and enables part manufacturers to achieve production yield targets. 

The Kunststoff Institut links tomorrow’s scientific know-how with today’s production, with a focus on quality and cost-effectiveness for companies in the plastics industry – especially for injection molded parts made of thermoplastics and thermosets.