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The Waterbury, CT USA central R&D center has extensive capabilities for formulation and project development.

Office Address

227 Freight Street
Waterbury, CT 06702
United States

Office Numbers:

CS-Waterbury Lab exterior

Waterbury, CT USA

The Waterbury location is a Global Development & Applications Center (GDAC) that houses our innovation and formulation center of excellence. Our most extensive array of pilots lines are located at this location. Customers work with our local staff here to develop new solutions in our pilot lines. The center also has extensive analytical / testing capabilities.

Pilot Lines and Testing Capabilities

  • OSP Pilot Line
  • Shadow Direct Metallization Pilot Line
  • Blackhole Direct Metallization Pilot Line
  • Copper Through Hole Filling Pilot Line
  • Copper Pulse Plating High AR Pilot Line
  • Direct Current Acid Copper Pilot Line
  • Copper Via Filling Pilot Line
  • PTH Desmear Pilot Line
  • Electroless Copper Pilot Line
  • Electroless Nickel Pilot Line
  • ENIG Pilot Line
  • Alternative Oxide Pilot Line
CS-Waterbury Lab
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