Product Overview

ALPHA WS-820 was formulated to meet the requirements of lead free water soluble applications and enable both straight ramp and soak reflow profiles while offering exceptional post reflow cleanability on challenging component types after multiple reflows in both inline and batch cleaning systems.


Product Features

  • Excellent print volume repeatability down to 12 mil (0.3mm) 
  • Flexibility across straight ramp or soak reflow profiles in air
  • Excellent wetting characteristics on all standard surface finishes
  • Cleanable with aqueous based cleaning systems after multiple reflows
Technical Bulletins
Documentation icon - Technical Bulletin

ALPHA WS-820 Solder Paste Technical Bulletin English

Documentation icon - Technical Bulletin

ALPHA WS-820 锡膏 技术公告 简体中文

Excellent Print Volume Repeatability

ALPHA WS-820 is engineered to deliver excellent print volume repeatability by maintaining transfer efficiency of >60% while fresh out of jar (OJ), after kneading (AK) and after 1 hour pause (AP) in controlled production conditions.

ALPHA WS-820 Paste Jar and Cartridge
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