Product Overview

ALPHA OM-358 is a lead-free, zero-halogen, no-clean solder paste designed to provide ultra-low voiding performance on all component types including bottom termination components.

ALPHA OM-358 achieves IPC7095 Class III voiding on BGA components and less than 10% voiding on bottom termination components. This paste is designed for ultra-low voiding performance with high reliability alloys such as Innolot as well as traditional SAC alloys.





Product Features

  • ≤10% voiding on large area bottom terminated components
  • Controlled void distribution for enhanced process stability to minimize rework
  • Available in T4 powder for Pb-free applications with both Innolot high reliability alloy & SAC305
  • Excellent electrochemical reliability on bottom terminated components
Technical Bulletins
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Product Flyers
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Superior void performance and controlled void distribution

ALPHA OM-358 is engineered to provide the lowest voiding performance on large area bottom terminated components. This paste regularly achieves less than 10% voiding on low standoff devices with large termination pads such as QFN, DPAK, and QFP's.

More importantly, ALPHA OM-358 controls the average void distribution from board-to-board to enhance process stability and maintain consistent electrical and thermal performance.

ALPHA OM-358 Feature chart and Voiding graph
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