Product Overview

Kester TSF-ULR18 is a no clean ultra low residue tacky flux. TSF-ULR18 is highly recommended for Flip Chip on leadframe (FCOL, FCQFN, etc) packages, where flux cleaning is not required.

TSF-ULR18 produces post reflow residue of below 10% wt, that is highly reliable and is compatible with post process materials.


  • Ultra low residue post reflow; <10% by Wt
  • Excellent for Flip Chip on leadframe package
  • Halide and halogen-free formulation 
Technical Data Sheets

TSF-ULR18 Technical Data Sheet English

Kester TSF-ULR18

Product Name

Flux Type

Flux Process

Component Type


No Clean

Ball Attach
Flip Chip Attach


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