Product Overview

ALPHA HRL Series Lead-Free Solder Spheres are specially design to ensure consistent sphere size, uniformity, and alloy content with highest level thermal cycling reliability and drop shock resistance.

ALPHA Solder Sphere alloys are manufactured using a proprietary alloying process to ensure very low levels of oxides or other impurities. The very low oxide levels promise strong, clean and well-formed solder bumps and joints coupled with a suitable flux and process profile.


  • Patented lead-free low melting point alloys for high reliability performance
  • Low liquidus point
  • Thermal cycle and drop shock reliability matching SAC alloy
  • HRL1 alloy
  • HRL3 alloy

High Quality Solder Spheres Manufactured To Exacting Standards

Technical Data Sheet

ALPHA Solder Spheres TDS English

ALPHA HRL Series Low Temperature Solder Spheres

Product Name

Sphere Type

Sphere Alloy



Low Temp
High Reliability



Low Temp
High Reliability

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