Product Overview

Kester TSF-6592HF is a no clean paste flux designed as a lead-free solution for an array of lead free interconnect applications such as flip chip attach, sphere or ball attach, rework/repair of CSPs, BGAs, SMDs, or any lead-free soldering application that requires a very tacky flux. It is optimized for consistent high speed printing applications.


  • Bright shiny solder joints with clear residues
  • Aggressive flux on various substrates such as OSP-Cu, immersion finishes and ENIG
  • Clear non-tacky residues
  • High tack to minimize skewing of components

No-Clean Tacky Soldering Flux

Technical Data Sheets

TSF-6592HF Technical Data Sheet English

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TSF-6592HF Product Flyer English

Kester TSF-6592HF

Product Name

Flux Type

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Component Type


No Clean

Ball Attach
Flip Chip Attach


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