Product Overview

Rapid soldering can be accomplished on all common metals except aluminum and manganese. Kester AW flux cored solder wire is particularly useful for soldering excessively oxidized metals.

Kester AW solder wire possesses excellent thermal stability to function under prolonged high temperature conditions as with torch or flame soldering.

It is not recommended for electrical or electronic soldering applications due to the corrosive nature of the residue.




Product Features

  • Solders excessively oxidized materials
  • Not for aluminum or manganese
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Compatible with leaded and lead-free alloys
  • Classified as INH1 per IPC J-STD-004 
Technical Bulletins
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Kester AW Flux Cored Wire Technical Bulletin English

Kester AW Inorganic Acid Type Flux Cored Solder Wire

Kester AW inorganic acid-type flux cored solder wire is extremely active for soldering excessively oxidized materials rapidly in non-electronic industrial applications.

Its excellent thermal stability is optimal for prolonged high-temperature soldering with torches or open flames. 

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