Windotex is specially designed for Autotex hardcoated films to produce display windows in selected areas of the textured surface.

For Autotex film, which has a textured 1st surface, screen or digital printing is used to print the required graphic design on the 2nd or print surface of the sheet.  It's also possible to screen-print with Windotex onto selected areas of the 1st surface to form crystal clear windows for electronic displays. Windotex Gloss and Windotex Antiglare can be mixed in different proportions to achieve different effects.  The resulting window is wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and chemical-resistant.

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  • Creates clear windows on Autotex textured films
  • Screen printable
  • Window is highly durable
  • Available in gloss and anti-glare finish
  • Ideal for HMI with a mix of membrane switches and displays
Technical Data Sheets

Windotex Technical Data Sheet

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