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fine and velet
Fine, Velvet & Touch
Flexible and embossable hardcoated polyester films designed for touch switches and controls. Available in Fine, Velvet and Touch finishes.
Antimicrobial (AM)
Our Autotex hardcoated polyester film with anti microbial (AM) technology embedded into the hardcoat during manufacture.
The antimicrobial technology is active 24/7 to inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface.
PC fine touchpad
PC Fine & Touchpad
Autotex PC is designed specifically for touchpad applications. Coated on polycarbonate film, the hardcoat is finished with a consistently smooth texture (Fine or Touch) which is ideal for laptop and other touchpads.
Autotex Softouch
A unique soft-to-touch polyester film designed for applications where a high-quality tactile experience is required.
Autotex Steel
Consistent and durable textured surface that presents the grained touch and appearance of materials such as stainless steel or wood.
Designed for outdoor applications, Autotex XE is proven to resist ultraviolet light, moisture and wide temperature variations.
Print & Peel
Print & Peel is a water based, screen printable lacquer designed to be selectively printed onto a wide range of surface finishes to act as an easily removable protective mask.
Windotex is designed for use with Autotex textured films and produces clear, attractive display windows that are both scratch and chemical resistant.
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