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xtraform formable films
XtraForm Formable Films
XtraForm Formable Films are our highly respected range of deep formable hardcoated films for automotive interiors. XtraForm films are suitable for in-mold decoration (IMD), film insert molding (FIM) and in-mold electronics (IME) processes and have a wide range of finishes to harmonize and tailor cockpit interior design, functionality and decoration.
Autotex Flexible Films
Autotex is a range of textured, hard coated polyester films that are printable and flexible. They are ideal for membrane and capacitive touch switch overlays and any application that requires a durable and decorative textured surface.
Autoflex Flexible Films
The Autoflex range can be used in a wide array of applications. From the outstanding clarity of the Autoflex PC gloss hardcoat polycarbonate film perfect for smart cards and nameplates, to the hard coated polyester film of Autoflex EB which is ideally suited to fascia panels and touch screens.
Autostat Flexible Films
Autostat films are heat-stabilized polyester films with conductive ink adhesion treatments, available in a variety of different gauges and finishes for a range of flexible electronic applications.
screen printing stencil films
Screen Printing Stencil Films
The Autotype range of photo-sensitive stencil films is manufactured using precision-controlled coating technology that provides screen printers with stencil consistency and high quality print performance. This product group includes direct capillary films, Capillex range, and an indirect gelatin based film, Fivestar, to service a wide range of applications with Solvent, UV and Plastisol based inks.
Screen Printing Emulsions
All Autotype PLUS emulsions are manufactured to high tolerances, ensuring total reliability and consistency in use under all market conditions. This product group includes single and dual-cure emulsions and SBQ Photopolymer emulsions to provide an extensive industry range of screen emulsion products. Diazo is supplied with all emulsions where required for addition before use.
screen preparation
Screen Preparation Chemicals
Autotype Screen Printing Chemicals & Mesh Cleaning Solvents are manufactured to provide screen printers with effective and more sustainable screen printing chemicals to cover all your needs for an efficient printing process. This product group includes Chemicals & products to prepare the mesh, remove ink on-press, reclaim your mesh after printing and finally removal of staining and residual images.
screen printing accessories
Screen Printing Accessories
Additional products to support the preparation of high quality screen stencils in readiness for printing. Diazo sensitizing powders for PLUS emulsions and other accessories and products critical to stencil preparation and the printing process.
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