Packaging Solutions


Introducing the sinter paste jar with dispense port, the new packaging option for ALPHA Argomax sinter paste.


The new jar allows customers flexibility in manufacturing options, enables the facilitation of of high-volume implementation and supports customer needs for automatic sinter paste dispensing on a stencil.


Jar with Hole


The new jar has a hole in the bottom (dispense port) from which paste can be dispensed.

This feature enables:

  • Reduced material waste
  • Customers to utilize 99% of the ALPHA Argomax sinter paste
  • Reduced downtime changing containers with the jar available in sizes up to 250 grams

The jar is compatible with premixing as recommended by MacDermid Alpha and facilitates the reuse of partially used containers. Customers also benefit from the ability to automate the dispense process or use a mechanical handheld dispenser which improves the repeatability of the paste replenishment.

The jar with dispense port is available for all ALPHA Argomax paste offerings. Contact Us for more information.

jar with hole table
Sinter Materials for Power Electronics

Our sinter materials provide a broad offering addressing a wide variety of needs for power electronics. 


These engineered sinter materials are proven to have the best process times and reliability while providing flexible and easy-to-use form factors that reduce the capital cost and time to market.

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