MacDermid Alpha Showcases New Formable Films for Smart Controls and Surfaces at EACC Future Cockpit Conference & Trade Show 2024

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New Formable Films for Smart Controls and Surfaces, from MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, to be Showcased at the EACC Future Cockpit Conference & Trade Show 2024

MacDermid Alpha, a global leader in integrated solutions for the electronics and automotive industries, is proud to participate in the EACC 2024 Future Cockpit Conference & Trade Show at Booth D038. The trade show is scheduled to take place on June 21-22 at the Suzhou International Expo Centre, in China.

At this event, MacDermid Alpha will unveil its latest formable hardcoated film, XtraForm® 3D Matt, which offers a highly durable matt finish with a softer, luxury appearance, with a velvety smooth touch and feel. 

This expands the portfolio of deep-formable hardcoated XtraForm films for automotive interiors. 

XtraForm 3D Matt: Elevating Automotive Interior Surfaces

Engineered to satisfy the needs of automotive interior designs for a differentiated premium surface, XtraForm 3D Matt is a deep-formable hardcoated film with a durable matt or low gloss finish and is suitable for processing using existing Film Insert Molding (FIM) technology.

In addition to the sophisticated matt appearance, XtraForm 3D Matt provides a differentiated haptic experience with ‘controlled-judder’. This feature enhances the interaction and control fidelity, especially when used with smart features such as sliders and secret-till-lit controls. With this tactile sensation, reminiscent of a high-end touchpad, XtraForm 3D Matt allows for easier and more precise control hence reducing driver distractions.

XtraForm 3D Matt also demonstrates anti-fingerprint properties, ensuring smudge-free surfaces even after prolonged use. This feature enhances the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle and contributes to a premium driving experience.

The material is suitable for the manufacture of interior smart surfaces including switches, controls, consoles, and door panels. XtraForm 3D Matt employs the same process as defined and supported by our existing XMAPP Technology program.

Presenting the Latest Insights in In Mold Electronics (IME)

MacDermid Alpha expert Li Hong Guo, Asian Marketing and Application Manager, will give a presentation on June 22nd, 10:30 to 11:00 a.m. entitled, Integrated Solutions for High-performance Smart Surfaces. The session will cover a comprehensive solution of integrated high-performance smart surfaces’ focusing on the latest advancements in IME technology, providing valuable insights and how MacDermid Alpha can support automotive interior design and manufacturing. IME technology is an extension of hardcoated film technology that reduces the complexity and weight of automotive interior electronics.

Visit MacDermid Alpha at Booth D038, EACC 2024 Future Cockpit Conference & Trade Show to experience the future of automotive interiors first-hand.

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