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Product Launch - STAYDRY® Z20: Moisture Getter Film
MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions announces the release of STAYDRY® Z20 – Moisture Getter for hermetic packages. STAYDRY Z20 is a silicone film moisture getter with a newly developed proprietary backing adhesive that meets rigid outgassing and adhesion testing for aerospace, telecom and medical applications, meeting MIL-STD-883K, Method 5011.6.
Enklad Pretreatment
Press Release
Product Launch - First Processes in New Memory Disk Product Line: Enklad Pretreatment
MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions announces the release of Enklad Pretreatment, a process to clean and zincate aluminum memory disk substrates. When used to prepare aluminum surfaces for electroless nickel plating, Enklad Pretreatment provides a major upgrade in process quality, deposit uniformity, and functional capability.
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Press Release
Kester Integration to be Highlighted at IPC APEX EXPO 2020 – Product Focus on Affinity ENIG and HiTech Adhesives/Encapsulants
MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions will feature Affinity 2.0, their highly stable, low corrosion ENIG process and the ALPHA® HiTech™ portfolio of low temperature adhesives, encapsulants, and underfills, at the IPC APEX Conference and Expo, February 1-6, in San Diego, California.
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