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XMAPP Technology for Formable Products
XMAPP is a quality system for automotive supply chains using XtraForm products (hardcoated films) and XtraForm processes.

XMAPP has been expertly designed and implemented to help tackle the challenges involved in developing high-performance parts in collaboration with suppliers in one successful supply chain.
Flexible Product Support
Our Autoflex, Autotex and Autostat flexible product expertise includes a comprehensive library of "How to…" process guides as well as well as the experience and knowledge of our long established support teams. To access flexible products support, please contact us.
Our Expertise
Film & Smart Surface Solutions is headquartered in the UK's Science Vale near Oxford where we have developed, manufactured and supported smart surface materials since 1992.

The 13,000 m2 facility at this site includes 3 full size coating production lines, chemical mixing and our customer support facilities.
In the XMAPP technology suite, we fully replicate a typical part production facility including printing, forming (Niebling), molding and cutting to replicate and optimize a customers process.

Verification tools include 3D scanning and environmental (UV, temperature & humidity) suites as well as sophisticated microscopy and analytical equipment.
These facilities enable our support teams to carry out customer specific material and process evaluations on behalf of our global customers, streamlining and optimizing our customers' design process and production quality.
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