Plastic Films in Mobility / Folien + Fahrzeug Conference

Congress Centrum Würzburg - CCW

Film and Smart Surface Solutions
MacDermid Alpha is proud to be a Silver sponsor and participant at this year’s Plastic Films in Mobility / Folien + Fahrzeug conference 2024
Folien + Fahrzeug
Folien + Fahrzeug

With over 15 years of history, this event is dedicated to exploring design and technology trends in automotive interiors and exteriors. The conference focuses on smart electronics integration and innovative decoration technologies, offering insights into the structural changes driven by digitalization and the shift towards electromobility.

At the conference, we will be showcasing our unique range of materials and technology expertise for automotive smart surfaces. Our innovative solutions include:

  • XMAPP™ Technology: Simplifying automotive smart surfaces design & manufacture for In-Mold Electronics (IMEs), ensuring global supply chain consistency and accelerating time to market.
  • XtraForm Materials: High-performance 3D hardcoated films, and fully compatible formable & flexible electronic inks and adhesives, enable efficient In-Mold Electronics (IME) design and production.
  • XtraForm Processes: Leveraging Film Insert Molding (FIM) processes, XMAPP Technology enables seamless integration of electronics into decorative and structural parts, delivering exceptional strength and durability.
  • XMAPP Certified Partners: Streamlining automotive supply chains, our certified partners ensure that manufacturers of automotive smart surfaces using XtraForm materials and processes meet the highest standards of performance, quality, and cost efficiency.
  • XMAPP Guidelines: From design to production, our comprehensive series of guidelines ensure fast time to market and high-quality parts that meet or exceed OEM and Tier 1 specifications.
  • XMAPP Analysis: Our team of technical experts provides CAD evaluations, feasibility and defect analysis, and extensive defect library support, helping businesses produce high-quality functional parts efficiently and consistently.

Come and meet our team of experts at the Plastic Films in Mobility / Folien + Fahrzeug event to discuss your latest In-Mold Electronics projects. We look forward to engaging with key decision-makers across the Tier 1 and Applicator automotive supply chain, sharing insights, and exploring collaborative opportunities.


Featured Innovation: XtraForm™ 3D Matt

Experience the future of automotive interiors with our latest innovation, XtraForm 3D Matt. This deep formable hardcoated film is engineered to provide a premium vehicle interior look and feel with a softer touch and visually stunning matte appearance. XtraForm Matt's antiglare surface blends with other soft materials in a vehicle interior and reduces distractions, while the surface is smooth to touch and does not show finger marks, ensuring a pristine interior even after repeated use. XtraForm 3D Matt can elevate your automotive surfaces to new heights of luxury and modernity.


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