High Performance Bump/Cap Electroplating Solutions

MacDermidAlpha provides high performance solder plating solutions for wafer level solder bumps and solder cap on copper pillar bumps. A wide range of industry leading solder plating solutions ranging from Tin/Silver alloy to pure Tin and Ultra Low Alpha emission solder solutions are available from Macdermid Alpha.


Bump/Cap Reflow and Forming Solutions

Bump/cap reflow forming is a process to convert non-spherical, plated solder cap or solder bumps that are damaged either by wafer test probing into shiny, smooth oxidation free solder bumps.

Wafer fusing flux, which is also often referred to as electroplated bump reflow flux. is a liquid flux that is either sprayed or spin coated onto solder-bumped, copper-pillar with solder-capped wafer. MacDermid Alpha offers fluxing solutions that are formulated to remove oxide and other contamination during reflow with excellent cleaning performance.

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