Product Overview

MICROFAB TS-650 Tin Silver bump plating bath is an organic sulfonate-based electrolyte, for high speed electro-deposition of smooth fine-grained, uniform Tin Silver alloy bumps. It is designed for lead-free and capping applications and provides exceptional within-wafer (WIW), within-die (WID), and within-feature uniformity.


  • Low temp solder
  • Low alpha
  • Smooth deposit
  • Excellent coplanarity
  • Low surface roughness
  • High speed

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Sales Sheet
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TS-650 Plating - Solder Sales Sheet English

Designed for a wide range of Flip Chip, FOWLP, 2.5D/3D bumping applications.

MICROFAB TS-650 is designed for a wide range of Flip Chip, FOWLP, 2.5D/3D bumping applications with higher plating speeds. It is a MSA- Based Tin Silver process combined with a three-part additive system.

Plating Solder-Macdermid Alpha
Plating Solder-Macdermid Alpha

Designed for C4 Bump (Mushroom, In-Via), mBump and capping applications

MICROFAB TS-650 is designed for C4 Bump (Mushroom, In-Via), mBump and capping applications. MICROFAB TS-650 has a smooth as plated deposit morphology, excellent Ag% control and uniformity.

Excellent WID / WIW Height Uniformity.

MICROFAB TS-650 is void free post reflow and has excellent WID / WIW height uniformity. It exhibits high stability and resist compatibility with a wide process window allowing deposition rates of 6 -15 ASD.

Plating Precious Metal-Macdermid Alpha


Product Name

Solder Type

Surface Type

Peformance Feature



Sn/Ag – Tin Silver
Low Alpha
Ultra-low Alpha

Smooth Deposit
Excellent Coplanarity
Low Surface Roughness

Hybrid CD leveling
High Speed
Excellent Alloy Distribution


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