Technical Presentation on MacDermid Alpha’s Conductive Silver Inks at the Smart Automotive Surfaces Conference

Press Release
ITB Smart Automotive

(Waterbury, CT USA) – October 6, 2021 - MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solution will present ‘Electronic Materials for Smart, Functional and 3D Automotive HMI Structures’ at the Smart Automotive Surfaces Conference on October 7th, Novi, Michigan USA.

The presentation will provide an overview of MacDermid Alpha’s latest technologies for smart, functional and 3D automotive HMI structures, including inks, adhesives, encapsulants, substrates and films, as well as providing examples of functional 3D structures and the potential of this technology. MacDermid Alpha’s range of Conductive Silver Inks provide unparalleled performance benefits such as high conductivity, crease-resistance, and strong adhesion to a variety of polymer substrates like PET & Polyimide. The Conductive Silver Inks are tailored to meet the needs of diverse applications such as capacitive-HMI (human-machine interface), printed thick-film circuits, membrane switches, printed heaters, printed flexible sensors, medical sensors, RFID, and EMI-shielding and are compatible with MacDermid Alpha’s range of Carbon Inks, Dielectric Inks, and Adhesives. The presentation will take place at 12.10pm during the Touch Technology Developments session. To learn more and register, please link here.

Follow this link for more information on our state-of-the-art Conductive Silver Ink products.

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