LOPEC Conference 2023

Internationales Congress Center München

MacDermid Alpha will highlight its latest advances in multi-functional films, formable electronic materials and processes for automotive applications.

The LOPEC Conference is one of the world's leading communication platforms for technology, solutions, knowledge and research in the printed electronics industry. Through talks given by some of the industry's leading figures, as well as renowned research institutes from across the globe, the LOPEC Conference provides access to valuable insider knowledge.

In this opportunity Rahul Raut, Global Portfolio Manager for Flexible, Formable & Printed Electronics will be presenting “Integration of Multi-Functional Films, Formable Electronic Materials and Processes for building Interactive and Smart Automotive HMI Surfaces”.

Automotive vehicles of the future are featuring smart, multifunctional, and HMI surfaces, that are integrated into sleek lightweight 3D structures. To enable these functional surfaces, a combination of electronic materials & compatible processes is needed. Rahul will present how our formable electronic materials and HVM processes for 3D structural electronics can achieve better results in these functional surfaces.