Leading Low Temperature Alloys

SnBiAg A lead-free alloy offer cost effective advantages and improved yield versus traditional SAC alloys.
  • Improved soldering yield for temperature sensitive components
  • Decreased energy consumption with lower process temperature and shorter cycle time
  • Good printing and reflow performance
HRL3 A low temperature lead-free alloy designed to exhibit improved thermomechanical reliability and soldering performance versus existing low temperature alloys in the market.
  • Low temperature enabling in selective and dip soldering processes
  • Provides efficiencies in energy savings and reduces thermal damage
  • Comparable hole fill performance and solder joint strength vs SAC305
  • Low Copper erosion vs SAC305
HRL1 A lead-free alloy engineered to exhibit improved drop shock performance versus existing low temperature alloys.
  • Highly controlled manufacturing process ensures alloy purity and consistency
  • Low temperature processing results in >90% reduction in board warpage and component damage vs. SAC alloys
  • Excellent drop shock and thermal cycling performance resulting in long service life for many electronic products


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