ALPHA EF-6000 is an active, rosin-free, low solid, low residue no-clean flux.  With a wide thermal process window, it delivers good hole-fill across different preheating temperatures and dwell times.  

Several proprietary additives are formulated into ALPHA EF-6000 to reduce the surface tension between the solder mask and the solder; thereby, dramatically reducing the tendency of solder ball generation. The formulation of ALPHA EF-6000 is also more thermally stable, for lower occurrence of solder bridging during dual wave soldering.

ALPHA EF-6000 has been designed for lower resistant residues to minimize the impact to electrical frequencies by no-clean flux residues. The minimal residues also offer better pin testability and cosmetic appearance. 

Product Features

  • Wide process window 
  • Thermally stable activators for good hole-fill, low solder bridging and solder balling
  • Very low level of non-tacky residue to improve pin testability and eliminate post-soldering cleaning
  • SIR IPC J-STD-004 compliant for long term electrical reliability
  • ORL0 per IPC J-STD 004
Technical Bulletin
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Low Residue Low Solid No-clean Flux

ALPHA EF-6000 is a rosin-free, no-clean, alcohol-based, fully lead-free capable ORL0 flux. It delivers broad process compatibility and excellent first pass yield. With minimal flux residues, no false failures during in-line pin testing is observed and no post cleaning on-board is required versus classic rosin-bearing fluxes.

Same benefits apply for extremely low equipment maintenance.  With special proprietary flux activator system, ALPHA EF-6000 offers high reliability, passing SIR IPC J-STD-004 for long term reliability. 

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Product Type Product Name Halogen Free Solids Content Pin Testability Best Used Assembly Type
Liquid Flux ALPHA EF-6000 No VL ***** II, III
Liquid Flux ALPHA EF-6103 No L ***** I, II, III
Liquid Flux ALPHA SLS-65C YES VL ***** II, III
Liquid Flux Kester 951 YES VL ***** II, III
Rework Flux ALPHA NR205 YES VL ***** I, II, III
Cored Wire ALPHA FT-2002 No N/A ***** N/A
Cored Wire ALPHA Telecore HF-850 YES N/A ***** N/A


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