Technical Presentation on "Advantages of Prefluxed Ribbon-wire in Multi-busbar Interconnection" at SNEC 2021 China

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AS SNEC 21 - News 24Aug21

The Assembly Division of MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solution will present the technical paper: ‘Advantages of Prefluxed Ribbon-wire in Multi busbar Interconnection’ at the SNEC 15th (2021) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition taking place in Shanghai, China on June 2-5, 2021.

The paper, ‘Advantages of Prefluxed Ribbon-Wire in Multi Busbar Interconnection’ will be focusing on the ALPHA Ready Ribbon technology in multi busbar (MBB) cell tabbing and stringing applications.“Multi Busbar (MBB) interconnection is gaining popularity and has been in mass manufacturing to some extent. Due to the reduced cross-sectional area of the silver pad and soldering wire, the reliability of solder joints remains one of the biggest challenges in this technology. Pollution associated with fluxing operation is another major problem. In addition, lowered peel strength, wire misalignment, wire crippling and cold or dry solder joint formation are often reported issues.” said Narahari Pujari, Global Technology Manager-PV of MacDermid Alpha. “Alpha’s PV Ready Ribbon (RR), available in the prefluxed ribbon or wire promises to alleviate some of these problems. In this technology, the flux is uniformly pre-applied on the wire to a controlled amount. This flux is designed to be pliable so it does not chip or flake during handling or feeding in automated Combined Tabbing and Stringing (CTS) equipment,” he continues.

Findings from Pujari’s paper confirm that ALPHA Ready Ribbon eliminates the need for module assemblers to apply liquid flux during automated stringing operations. This virtually eliminates all the effort and costs associated with buying, storing and using a liquid flux. Excellent peel strength and minimum pollution on tools are the additional benefits of this technology. The modules assembled using ALPHA Ready Ribbon pass thermal cycling and damp heat reliability testing according to IEC specification. Results further confirm that the new ALPHA Ready Ribbon wires can be introduced to the existing multi busbar module manufacturing line at no extra costs or process change.

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2021 SNEC PV Power Expo
Advantages of Prefluxed Ribbon-wire in Multi Busbar Interconnection
Speaker: Dr. Narahari S Pujari, Global Technology Manager-PV
Date/time: 4th June 2021/ 14:00-14:15
Venue: Kerry Hotel Pudong, 1388 Hua Mu Road, Pudong District, Shanghai, China

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